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Foxconn N15235


Foxconn N15235

  • N15235
  • Date : December 1, 2020

Foxconn N15235


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´╗┐Foxconn N15235 - What is in the 5100 Wiring Diagram? ? If you are the owner of a Zenith HZ 5100 series smoke sensor, you need to understand what is in the wiring diagram. You should understand the requirements of your house's wiring so you can refrain from making an error and missing a significant wire or two when you're installing or assembling a smoke detector. Smoke sensors work by creating a particular degree of lighting in the room whenever there is smoke present. This is a very important feature. A non-working alarm can be very dangerous for any area of your house or workplace. There are 3 wires. These cables run from the dark post to earth. The second wire goes from the black pole into the circuit breaker box. It's the identical type of cable used for high voltage electric systems. The last wire, which can be known as the ground wire, runs to the black pole. When you turn in your smoke detector, it detects smoke that has accumulated on the black post also sends a signal to the control panel in your house or workplace. The signal is sent to the control panel because it detects the existence of a smoke detector. The switch on the control panel that you may see has a push button mechanism that triggers the alarm. The next step is to find the white post. This is situated approximately half way up the right side of the sensor. A screwdriver is your best tool to get for this particular job. If you are not comfortable with using a screwdriver, then you may use a small flat blade screwdriver. Ensure the white post is facing away from you so that you do not accidentally touch it. Once you have found the white pole, ensure that you close off the power to the alert as well as the control panel by removing the power plug . Next, you have to locate the first wire that is linked to the white pole. It's located on the interior of this black pole. Provided that you have the screwdriver in your hand, you should be able to readily get into the wire. Last, locate the wire that's linked to the white pole and also remove the two mounting screws in the cable. Then, you'll be able to unscrew the metal tray and then install the cable back into the control panel.

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